How to Get to Reykjafoss Falls

First, head onto Highway 752 in the direction of Reykjafoss falls. Continue to drive along, even past Reykjafoss Falls, until you pass two bridges. Once you pass those, slow down – there is a gravel road on the right called Highway 753. Its a little difficult to spot, but it is easily identifiable.

map screenshot of highway 733

Once you turn onto 753, continue to drive until you reach a fork. Take the right path and drive up until you reach the top of the hill. There's a small lot for parking with a couple of fences nearby. Go through the one on the right.

two gates from teh parking lot

Keep walking, and then you should encounter a blue sign. This shows you are on the right path – keep walking and you should then see a rock with a sign yellow right next to it. Continue to stay on this path. By this time, you should be able to hear the waterfall. Follow it, and there is a bridge to cross the little stream to stand right by the waterfall.

blue sign and gatesign next to the rock

Over the hill, there are a couple of smaller hot springs. The smaller one is REALLY hot and the bigger one is warm. The bigger one is called the Fosslaug geothermal pool.

fosslaug geothermal pool